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(Presentation : Susan Fouts

push your limit (ex) push your drawing abilities to the limit.
bullet point (ex) how to write bullet points.
It(constructive criticism) is softened by positve feedback.
noticeable : 눈치챌 만한, 두드러진. (=) recognizable
composed : 침착한
genuinely = honestly
pinch : ...을 꼬집다. / St. Patrick's Day (Irish day, green cloths)
would you mind ~ing?
chunking : All information should be presented in small digestible units. 덩어리로 자르다
polished : well-prepared, looks perfect
I am on a roll : 탄력받다. (=) to get on a roll / -> to get my momentum going.
keep digging at the question : 파헤치다.
take a jog : 조깅하다.
susan is the guinea pig. : example, sample.
deflect : 비켜가다. (ex) The chairman tried to deflect the shareholders criticism.
constraint : 부자연스러움 (ex) by constraint 억지로,without constraint 스스럼없이
field : (문제 따위) 잘 대처하다. (ex)  I thought you did an excellent job of fielding questions on Friday!
fluster : 안절부절하다. (ex) you didn't seem at all flustered.
have bags under one’s eyes 지친 것처럼 보이다.
consonat(자음) <-> vowel(모음)
attention getters : 주목받는 사람[것].
blurb : 선전문
There must be a better way..

(Communication : Paige Progar-Jaumann)

patronize = (1) visit, be customer of  (2) treat so like they are children. (very negative)
KFC muscled its way to the top of the Japanese fast-food industry : = aggressively pushed
It now outranks the econimies of many nations : = is larger than
crispy : crunchy coating(바삭바삭한)
side dish : 반찬.
put out = release / fire / extinguish
streptococcus = strep. : 연쇄구균(連鎖球菌). (ex) a strep throat(패혈성 인두염), a strep infection.
glucose : 포도당
Insulin : Daily insulin injections are necessary for some diabetics.
sudafed (past) presciption (now) O.T.C(ovet the counter)
pseu·do·e·phed·rine[su:ouifedrin] : 코 충혈 제거제
methamphetimine : 필로핀
lethal = fatal
ethic(=ethical), ethnic(=cultural)
intruder : 침입자
grazing :  목축, 목장
cooped up : because of sick, weather, accident
war-mongering / peace-mongering
hearth-breaking : 가슴이 미어질 듯한
breath-taking : 눈이 절로 휘둥그레지는 (ex) breath-taking GrandCanyon view.
stunning : a stunning supermodel(positive) cf) stunned : (negative)
P.C(PC) : Politically Correct, Political Correctness (ex) people of color > colored people
They took the wind out of my sail : 의표를 찌르다
I've got the wind behind my sail : 탄력 받다.
상하다 : bread-stale, milk(go bad, sour), meat/vegetable/fruit(it spoils)
쪽팔려 : i am losing my face.
의욕이 있는 : eager -> They were young, eager, and have some impressive experience.
diagonal : 대각선
road is like grid <-> road is wiggly.
stomack rumbles : 배가 꼬르락 꼬르락 거리다.
bail : 보석 (from arrest to final judgement)
skim : remove
afterthought : 반성; (일이 끝난 뒤에 나는) 때늦은 생각[지혜].
some person tends to flare
i don't have a stong idea

(Business Writing : Christina Brady +303 926 5587 / +303 926 5587 /

e-mail log : e-mail record
blitz e-mail : same message to many people
rectify = correct
to complain(direct, impolite) cf) to make a complaint(indiret, polite)
deliquency :(의무·직무의) 태만, 불이행, 불법 행위 (ex) juvenile delinquency
Not set in stone : (=) flexible
as you pay as you go : Verison mobile phone payment system.
transient : (=) temporary
aggravate : ~을 화나게 하다
questionable : 미심쩍은 (ex) Africa, questionable.
beat a dead horse : effort without possible result. 쓸데없는 짓하다. 죽은자식 불알 잡기.
synthesize : 통합하다, 종합하다 (ex) synthesize your gathered information into a report.
in spoken english. : 회화에서는.
by itselt, it is meaningless : 이것 자체만으로는 의미가 없다.
from Korea / from the USA. : The US police system is quiet differnet from Korea's / or that of Korea.
The main reason for global wariming is CO2.
Plane/train/bicycle : get on <-> get off
bus/car : get in <-> get out of.

(Structure : Michael )

sleep in (positive) I like to sleep in on sunday mornings. cf) oversleep (negative)
I am tired of working (mind=lose interset) cf) I am tired from working (body=be exhausted)
A nightingale is known for its beautiful song (유명한) cf) A tree is known by its fruit.
Why are you sneaking around?
I break into the concert hall by bribing doorman.
It used to be really really easy.
"There, but for the grace of God, go I"(more compassionate) (=) I am glad i wans't him(Elvis Presley)
I am too worried to think straight : 논리정연하게 생각하다.
I suggest going to bed (suggest + gerund)
require, advice, encourge, urge, allow, permit, +gerung or +n+infinitives.
chubby : a little bit extra weight(통통한) cf) obese 비만의 <-> skinny
FYI(For your information) list cf)YMK(You must know) list.
lopsided : 일방적인 (ex) a lopsided victory/score = very uneven
blackmarket : 암시장 (ex) smuggling on the blackmarket.
We want to thaw international relations b/w US and China.(melt:x) / thaw frozen meat with microwave oven. (melt:O)
daydreaming : 공상
frantic : (=) crazy
Threat : 협박 cf) thread : 실
fake leather, counterfeit passport
R&B (Rhythem and Blues)
tote bag : 핸드백 보다 크고 배낭보다 작은 가방 (tote=carry)
sitcom = situation comedy
picky : (美구어) 몹시 별나게[꾀까다롭게]구는.
cranky : (아이)땡깡부리는(=) irritable, hard to please, grumpy(노인) (ex) Sooah was cranky all day long cf)grumpysince she was sick.
whine : (=) speaking with unhappy way 투덜대다. 징징거리다.
moan : (=) just sound or voice with no speaking 신음하다. (ex)아침에 찌뿌둥할 때.
Korea baseball team beat the Japan (=) Korea baseball team won against/over the Japan.
a blizzard : 눈보라.
sober <-> drunken cf) sobriety
teetotaler : never drink alcohol
alcoholism : 알코올 중독
chips and dip
skid (car) / slip (oil, ice, banana) / slide
friction 마찰
traction 정지마찰 :
           (물리) 한 물체를 그 놓인 면을 따라 움직이려 할 때 주어진 힘의 반대 방향으로 운동을 저지하려는 저항력이 생기는 현상. <-> 운동마찰
stuge = stupid person
magician : 마법사 (발음, 액센트)
suit yourself : 네 맘대로 하세요.
binoculars : 쌍안경 cf) telescope 천체망원경, microscope 현미경
glare : 눈부심 cf) Because of glare, i spread the visor(차양판)
Oxymoron : 모순 어법 (ex) It was a deafening silence / Rap music is an oxymoran.
onomatopoeia : 의성어 (sound=meaning) (ex) buzz, crack, honk(경적소리)
osmosis : 삼투압
tonsil : 편도실
rhyme : (시 등) 운 (ex) love dove, where there, etc.
sanity : 제정신 (ex) keep your sanity 정신 차려.
I said to my wife(x), I told my wife(o)

cross-eyed : (ex) people next to you is corss-eyed.
twiddlethumbs : 손가락을 이리저리 비틀다.
sometimes : (=)occassionally cf) sometime = one day.
flip a coin. Heads or Tales?
toss a coin : (=)without taking.
let's draw (straws) for it?
spin the bottle/pen :
astroturf : 인조 잔디(plastic grass)
we are unionzed
souvenir : 기념품
premium : my monthly regular payment
co-pay : deduct
arbitration : 중재
oscillate the fan!!
adjustment : (ex) adjustible oscillating fan.
hernia : 탈장(脫腸).
get ahead of :  〔경쟁자 따위〕를 앞지르다(surpass),…을 능가하다(outdo)
miscellaneous things : misc. / unrelated, various, mixed things.
buyout : (기업·주식 따위의) 매수(買收), 경영권 장악.
arthroscopic : 관절경 검사법의
빠삭한 : He is savvy. (=) understands completely
재채기 : sneezing  cf) 기침 : cough
하품 : yawn.
allegen : 알레르기 항원
pollen : 꽃가루. (cf : Merlyn said 'curtain')
seam : 이은자리 / crease : 주름 / cuff : (와이셔츠)소맷부리, (바지 끝) 접단 -> handcuffs, cufflinks
cramp :  경련, 쥐 / charleyhorse 《美구어》 (근육의 피로에 의한) 팔·다리의 경직, 쥐 / spasm <의학> 경련, 쥐
Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) : 알배기는 것
(ex) stomack cramp / muscle spasm /
a wad of money
A.K.A : (=) Also Known AS
Spring Fever : 춘곤
on a scale of one to ten (10을 최고로 하여) 1부터 10의 척도로.
간지럼 : tickling
미풍 : breeze
interim housing : 여름방학 때 대학기숙사 사용하는 것.
laser surgery : lazor cf) razor : 면도기
cleats : (~s) (구두창의) 미끄럼막이 징[고무, 가죽],  soccer cleats, baseball cleats, golf cleats
hocky puck : <아이스하키〉 퍽, (아이스하키 스틱)
do/perform an autopsy in a morgue : autopsy(부검), morgue(영안실)
rabies : 광견병
mismatch : 짝짝이
buffalo(bison) meat is very lean(살코기의, 살코기=the lean)
funnel : 깔때기(부엌, 실험실), cornicle : 삼각뿔
alley : 골목, 뒷골목 (behind the IEC : no street number)
prune : 가지치기, 자두
sway : 흔들리다.
mucus : 콧물 cf) bugger: 코딱지
panhandle : 구걸하다 cf) panhandler : 거지
cellar = basement
wind chimes : michale 집 창문..
photographic memories : 생생한 기억
SCUBA : Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus
Con artist : 사기꾼.
scofflaw : The person who breaks the law willingly, purposely, and knowingly.
denverboot : 덴버 족쇄(주차 위반차 바퀴 족쇄).
unconditional : wihtout condition.
military <-> civilian.
낙서 : graffiti
Being dead 'is no excuse'
tip (=) gratuity
He is a good/bad sport :
If the ground is saturated, the rain flows to the downtown.
powder snow <-> water-content snow.
(parenthsis) {[bracket]}
plumber : 배관
배고파 죽겠어 : i am starving(a little exaggeration)
목말라 죽겠어 : i am dying of thirst.
이동식 난로 : auxiliary heater
When pigs fly : That thing will never happen.
metaphysics(metaphysical, adv) <-> physical science(physical, adv)
stock up : buy what you need and extra one.
patronizing = snobby(more negative)
alibi : 알리바이.
anonymous : 이름을 밝히지 않는
quorum : 정족수
evade : (=)deflect
a bolt of lightening
a clap of thunder
eavesdrop : on purpose 도청/감청하다. cf) overhear : accidently 엿듣다. -> He is a peeping Tom.
go bankrupt : 파산되다.
pull one's legs : tease/kidding (놀리다)
Hurricane will come ashore here : 상륙하다.
I meant to say 'monday'
I got a score of 100 at the quiz.
It's a hassle. Don't hassle me.
Roller coaster : 급격한 변화, 급등 급락
Sunscreen : 햇볕타기 방지제(劑); 선스크린 로션[크림].
such a big deal
ecstatic :


I am forgiven because you were forsaken / I am accepted because you were condemned
Provocative : 열받게 하는, 자극적인
ecumanical : 초교파적인 -> ecumanicity
to some extent : 어느 정도는 (ex) I like America to some extent
Haves and havenotgs : 가진 자와 가지지 못한 자.
living wage : 최저생활임금
color the fish : 물고기에 색칠해라.
lofty : 높은 (ex) God built the lofty skies
squiggle : 갈겨쓴 글씨
hang in there : 힘써. 용쓰는 구나.
welcome to keep : 가져도 좋아.


spiky : 삐죽삐죽한 (ex) spiky hair
tummy : (구어,어린이말) 배
overdue : 기한이 지난 (ex) An overdue bill was found in his wallet.
mustache : 코밑 수염 (cf) beard 턱수염
주사기(아기들 입으로 약먹이는 것, 경구복용) : dropper, oral syringe
alternating tylenol and motrin.
awesome(positive) aweful(negative)
당연하다. : It is no wonder(quiet natural, proper) that
많이 드세요. : help yourself
Clifford is too small to fetch a ball. (=) bring back
Clifford found a sunggly comfortable room to sleep. 아늑하게
그들 기준으로 : by their standard
경사 : slant
나 잡아봐라 : come and take me! I am chasing you..
입어볼래? would you wear them?
세절기/세단기 : shredder
예정일이 언제세요? when is your due? what is your due date?
행주 : rag(s)
접착제, 아연, 붙이다. : glue.
흉터 : scar cf)stitch : 한바늘(수술, 뜨개질)
That can be good, but that can be bad. They are snobby. They look down on people.
snobby : 생색내는 speak in a snobby / superior manner
Preview(예습) <-> Review(복습)
보완하다 : complement
metrologist 도량형학자
spring is here 봄이 왔다.
spring cold 꽃샘추위
disposable : 일회용 (ex) a ~ towel 일회용 타월.
~해도 소용없다 : There is no use ~ing.
건강에 별로 좋지 않은 : not-so-healthy.
바람개비 : pinwheel
티가 녹게 해라 : let the tea steep
완전히 녹초가 된 : neclear melt down
너구리 : racoon, raccoon
상세히 좀 설명해 주시겠어요? could you elaborate on the US market?
자 덤벼봐. 해볼테면 해봐 : make my day.
우회도로 : detour
열쇠를 파다 : cut the key
정원을 가꾸다 : grow the garden
도랑물 : ditchwater
이게 더 잘 어울려 : It fits you better.
꼬추 : wingding
greasy = heavy
삐지다 : she is mad at me.
열광적을 좋아하다. : she is crazy about me.

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